The Warrior Artist Podcast [26] Aideen Barry - the role of the artist as rule breaker and messenger

In this episode of the Warrior Artist Podcast, host Éadaoin Glynn sits down with the renowned visual artist Aideen Barry to delve into her intriguing artistic journey, the profound themes encapsulated in her work, and her unique approach to addressing contemporary socio-political issues through art. Aideen, an artist with an international reputation, known for her exploration of themes such as domestic labor, environmental changes, and human vulnerability, shared insights into her creative process, inspirations, and the significant role art plays in reflecting and shaping societal discourse.

The Warrior Artist Podcast [22] Bernadette Doolan - I never thought I would end up being an artist

Self-taught painter and ceramicist Bernadette Doolan chats to Éadaoin Glynn about imposter syndrome, falling into art, her intuitive approach to painting and being inspired by the resilience of children.

The Warrior Artist Podcast [21] Rachel Doolin - The final product is less important than the journey of getting there

Irish visual artist Rachel Doolin chats to Éadaoin Glynn about the challenge of taking the leap to become a professional artist, how materials inspire her, her slow research-based, collaborative approach and why she likes writing grant applications. About Rachel Doolin Rachel graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art & […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [19] 'Stop everything and pursue what you want to pursue. Now is the time' - Annie Hogg's creative journey

About Annie Annie Hogg is a visual artist based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. After graduating with a Diploma in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2001 and a BA in sculpture from Aki College of Art in The Netherlands in 2002, Annie worked and lived in environmental protest camps […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [17] ''The art world is watching' - Ty Clark shares his creative journey

Ty Clark Ty Clark is a visual artist, film maker, sculptor and writer based in Waco, Texas.  He produced an award winning film, Jump Shoot and is currently working on a documentary series.  He began a Mentorship Programme in 2021, through which he has mentored 49 artists from 17 countries. He recently wrote his first […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [16] I want to insert myself right into the material - Orla O'Byrne

Cork based artist Orla O’Byrne explores overlooked histories of sites and artefacts.  She works across a variety of media and techniques such as drawing, photography and sculpture. Orla rebelled against going to art college after school, travelled and lived abroad, before having children children, setting up a bakery business and eventually went to art college […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [15] - why I go early to opening nights

In this episode, I share: Going to my first opening night when I knew no one. Time and days can be challenging for parents Why it’s worth it Opening nights are an opportunity My strategies for opening nights as an introvert Why I go early The advantages and disadvantages of going solo or with someone. […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [14] 'I had to bring the world into my house' how photographer Enda Burke got creative during lockdown

About Enda Enda Burke is a photographer based in Galway. He studied film production and photography in Galway and Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland. Enda’s work has been featured in many publications including The Guardian, Rolling Stone Magazine, Forbes Magazine and The Observer .  He also gave a TED talk on creativity. Enda’s […]

The Warrior Artist podcast [13] My studio is in my head - visual artist Aoife Nolan shares her creative process

About Aoife Aoife Nolan’s career background was in fashion (film costume and bridal wear) and she successfully operated her own business for over a decade before going to the Crawford college of art and design to study art where she was awarded the RHA student access programme and her graduate show received several awards.  She […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast, Episode 12 Show Notes, time management tips for artists and the admin tools I use every day

When you’re an artist, you’re self employed. You probably have a day job. Your time in the studio, your creative time is really, really precious. There’s so much admin involved in being an artist – managing and tracking applications, submissions, sales, your paintings and marketing. There’s so many things you have to do apart from […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast [11] Eamon Colman painter - all paintings are political and autobiographical

Eamon Colman grew up in Dublin, Ireland in a family of painters.  He left school and starting painting in a spare room in his parents house, he took art classes by night at National College or Art and Design and studying horticulture by day.  He has had a professional art career since 1979. Eamon was […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast 10 - 'I get up at 5am to paint' Sile Walsh shares her creative journey

Sile Walsh also talks about: The importance of drawing and life drawing in her practice How she draws inspiration from the sea and the sea swimming community Why she gets up at 5am to paint The evolution of her painting style away from form How her self portraits are guiding her Her favourite tools and […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast 9 - Marketing for artists, why email works

Marketing is about communicating, sharing who you are, what your work is about. It’s about finding an audience. Why email marketing? Email is a means of connecting with people. Email marketing has been around for a while. It’s not going anywhere soon. it’s effective, it works. There’s a reason why all big companies, people want […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast 8 - the opportunities are out there - Maurice Quillinan shares his creative journey

Maurice Quillinan grew up in Limerick, Ireland.  He  studied at Limerick School of Art and Design, The royal college of art, London, the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Art, Paris and University of limerick. Maurice has received many awards, some of which include Arts Council Awards, Culture Ireland awards and Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship and he […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast 7 - why don't you do it for yourself? Visual artist and curator Dermot Browne shares his creative journey

BIO Dermot Browne was born in Dublin and studied art in a Limerick School of Art and Design. Dermot is a painter who’s particularly drawn to abstraction. He’s also a curator and now an arts facilitator who, at the time of recording, has launched two spaces and is in the process of completing a third […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast, Episode 6 Show Notes - open calls and rejection

There are two sides to being an artist: You want to spend as much time as you can creating work, investing in your learning and development and getting as good as you can. You also need to put your work out into the world, if you want it to be seen, to be discovered.  Open calls are […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast, Episode 5 Show Notes. Barbara Kenneally shares her creative journey from medical scientist to glass artist

Barbara Kenneally shares her creative journey: What it was like to go art college after retiring from science the connection between her scientific research and her glass art her interest in surfaces and what lies beneath the inspiration of the old mine shafts in West Cork the different kinds of glass her favourite glass Her […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast, Episode 4 Show Notes, Instagram tips for artists

Instagram is still one of the best ways for artists to share their work and be seen. Host Éadaoin Glynn shares 18 quick and easy tips for artists that you can implement immediately to up your Instagram game! There are two sides to being an artist: You want to spend as much time as you […]

The Warrior Artist Podcast, Episode 3 Show Notes, Pauline Flynn's creative journey

The Warrior Artist, Episode 3; ‘there were no curators’ Show Notes, Pauline Flynn’s Creative Journey Irish visual artist and poet Pauline Flynn turned her back on the art world for 10 years to pursue writing. She found the art world a very different place when she returned to painting.  This is her creative journey. Pauline’s work […]