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The Warrior Artist Podcast [26] Aideen Barry - the role of the artist as rule breaker and messenger

In this episode of the Warrior Artist Podcast, host Éadaoin Glynn sits down with the renowned visual artist Aideen Barry to delve into her intriguing artistic journey, the profound themes encapsulated in her work, and her unique approach to addressing contemporary socio-political issues through art. Aideen, an artist with an international reputation, known for her exploration of themes such as domestic labor, environmental changes, and human vulnerability, shared insights into her creative process, inspirations, and the significant role art plays in reflecting and shaping societal discourse.

The Warrior Artist Podcast [22] Bernadette Doolan - I never thought I would end up being an artist

Self-taught painter and ceramicist Bernadette Doolan chats to Éadaoin Glynn about imposter syndrome, falling into art, her intuitive approach to painting and being inspired by the resilience of children.

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