crysalis-Eadaoin Glynn_Acryl150x100cm. HiRescrysalis-Eadaoin Glynn_Acryl150x100cm. HiRes


Acrylic, acrylic spray paint, ink, conte crayon on canvas, signed on reverse, unframed and ready to hang.


2,700.00 2,500.00

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I knew the name of this painting months before it was finished.  Sometimes they come like that, fully formed, the idea that the painting has to chase.  I started painting it during the summer and finished it months later, five minutes before it was photographed. I took my time.  I let it rest for weeks at a time, looking and thinking.
This painting is  autobiographical without being a portrait.  All the feelings, the messy mass of emotions, thoughts, struggles, frustrations – the trying…the breaking through..the transformation.
I started the painting with a painting roller, inspired by painting my studio wall.  Some of those initial roller marks can still be seen on the top left of the painting under the pink layer.  I recorded a series of videos about the painting process: watch Video 1 on YouTube or Instagram; Video 2 on YouTube or Instagram; Video 3 on YouTube or Instagram.

Signed on reverse, unframed and ready to hang.  Framing can be organised upon request if required.