cloud journey 3 50x60cloud journey 3 50x60

Cloud journey 3

Acrylic, ink, conte crayon on raw canvas. Hand stretched on museum-grade stretcher bars, the painting extends over the edges. Signed on reverse, unframed and ready to hang.


800.00 650.00

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This painting was inspired by the patterns of shifting light and shade as clouds pass over the mountains and headlands.  I started painting outside. I harnessed the power of the wind and used mixed media and seeds and wildflowers I gathered on my walks. Back inside my studio, I allowed paint to evaporate slowly into tidelines of pigment. I repeated this process over several weeks to create overlapping, translucent layers. It’s a slow meditative process. Forms are transitory, evolving and fragile.

Unframed and ready to hang.  Framing can be organised upon request if required.