Acrylic, conte crayon on panel.  Signed on reverse, framed in a black, wooden tray frame.



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Inspired by seeing basking sharks off the Dingle coastline last summer.  I was walking with my dog when I saw a dark triangular shape in the sea.
At first I thought it was a trick of the light, a rock or wave glinting in the sunlight.  When I got closer, I could see that it was a fin.  Several fins.  I could see movement. There were large bodies beneath the surface stirring the sea.  I think it was a family.  They moved in a circle.  The large adults moved around the perimeter with the young in the centre, deeper in the sea, less visible.
I was mesmerised. They moved slowly in a hypnotic dance, swaying in elegant circles.  I strained to see their bodies under the waves. It was hard to tell the difference between their blue gray bodies and the sunlit rocks between the waves.
Basking sharks are called ‘liamhán gréine’ in Irish, meaning levianthan or great fish of the sun.
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Framed in a black, wooden, tray frame, signed on reverse and ready to hang.

Signed on reverse, framed and ready to hang.