I held the soft rain_60x70cm_Eadaoin Glynn_acrylic on raw canvas_2022I held the soft rain_60x70cm_Eadaoin Glynn_acrylic on raw canvas_2022

I held the soft rain

Acrylic on raw canvas. Hand stretched on museum-grade stretchers, the painting extends over the edge.  Signed on reverse, unframed and ready to hang.


1,050.00 700.00

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Inspired by the landscape and the changing light.  Some days the damp fog hugs the hills and never clears. We live in a permanent cloud. The light glows blue, grey and green. But there is magic in this fertile moisture. In the morning, the sun glints against gems of new petals, unfurled overnight, fat with pearls of dew, nestled against shards of grass.

I moulded and sculpted canvas into organic shapes on the floor and manipulated paint and water within the canvas landscape, allowing colours to soak, bloom and fade as they diffused into the fibres.  I allowed paint to evaporate slowly into tidelines of pigment. I repeated this process over several weeks to develop depth and create overlapping, translucent layers. It’s a slow meditative process. Forms are transitory, evolving and fragile.

Unframed and ready to hang.  Framing can be organised upon request if required.